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From an house in Deighton Road to a spectacular structure in Britton’s Hill

On March 10, 1985, marked the start of Restoration Ministries with a service conducted with a congregation of three, in a small house in Deighton Road, St. Michael, Barbados. This marked the beginning of the realization of a vision that had been received eight years earlier. By 1988 the gathering had outgrown the house and a building was leased in Laynes Road, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. The church had then become well known as Revival Assembly and the membership continued to grow. Eight years later, in 1996 the name of the church was changed from Revival Assembly to Restoration Ministries, with greater emphasis being placed on the restoration of all things, according to Acts 3:21. During the year that followed, the search for accommodation ended finally, at Bonnetts Avenue, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. For seven months the Pastor, his wife Joy and three sons, David Jr., Jonathan and Christopher, along with the congregation assembled under a tent on this site, while the Leadership of the church forged ahead with the process of acquiring the property.
Finally, on October 10, 1997, the congregation transformed the interior of the building that had been standing on this site for many years, and moved in to conduct services with great celebration and thanks to Almighty God. Over time the ministry became known for its strong prophetic worship. This was experienced and expressed on numerous occasions by visiting ministers. Restoration Ministries is part of the network of International Christian Leaders Connection (ICLC), and is in turn, giving apostolic covering to a number of other churches. Restoration Ministries International is a local church registered under the Charities Act of Barbados with the registration number 349. This Church is a member of the International Christian Leaders Connection (ICLC), a network of Churches spread across five continents and many nations. ICLC is covered by a team of twelve (12) apostles from various nations who relate and meet regularly.